Birds & Glass Doors: Common Problems You Should Have Repaired

Birds may be nice to look at, but they are not the smartest animals. It can be extremely hard for them to understand what is glass and what is open air. If you have a glass door on your home, then it can run into a lot of problems when it comes to birds. Before you go replacing door after door, you can fix issues by hiring a glass company like Avenue Glass Shop to repair the issues. There are three common issues associated with birds and your glass door.

Glass Cracks

When birds are flying at high speeds, a collision with glass can not only be a disaster for the birds, but for the glass as well. Chips and cracks can cause all types of issues with the glass, including a loss of energy efficiency and expanded cracks over time. A repair worker can help fix the cracks. If they have expanded too far, then the glass panel can be replaced without replacing the whole door. This can help save a lot of money and ensure that you keep the same door that you have.

Damaged Edges

When birds aren't flying or eating, they are busy trying to nest or finding a comfortable place to nest. This may cause birds to peck or claw at the edges of your door frame. When this occurs, not only will the frame become damaged, but it could loosen the glass panel and cause it fall out. A repair worker can help secure the frame and use materials that are more durable. This can help prevent additional damaged edges in the future. The glass panels can also be secured so that they do not fall out and smash.

Door Rollers

Bird droppings, feathers, and nesting debris can all cause problems for a glass door. This is especially true if the glass door operates on rollers. The rollers can get clogged, be hard to move, and make it a challenge every time you try to open the sliding glass door. A repair worker can clean out these areas, replace rollers, and make sure that your glass sliding door operates as it should. Bird droppings often contain acid that can cause deterioration on various parts of the rollers. They will check for these areas and replace everything as needed.

Once these repairs are complete, you can follow tips to help deter birds from your home and keep your glass doors in pristine condition.

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