Three Ways To Protect Your Home's Windows From Storm Damage

You don't have to live in a hurricane-prone area to reap the benefits of hurricane-proofing your windows. Severe storms can bring with them wind and hail damage, along with the potential for falling trees or flying objects to damage your window panes. If you are concerned about protecting your windows from potential storm damage, here are a few things you can do.

Install Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are window coverings that protect your glass from storm damage. There are many different types to choose from, including aluminum shutters that fold accordion-style when not in use and shutters that fold in like traditional window shutters. For many styles, you'll need to manually close them when severe weather approaches, but you can also find remote control-operated storm shutters that make it easy to protect your home without having to go outside. Talk to your residential glass repair company about installing these shutters to prevent problems before they start.

Switch To High-Impact Glass

High-impact glass is designed to withstand strong winds and flying debris. If you are concerned about potential damage from a storm, talk to your residential glass repair company about replacing your current window glass with this option. You can simply replace only the glass or install new windows made with high-impact glass. Remember to look for replacement glass for windows on your doors or any sidelights you may have on your home for added protection.

Apply A Layer of Hurricane Film

Hurricane film is a transparent covering you can put over your home's existing windows to add extra reinforcement and protection from damage. You may want to have your contractor put this film in place for you, as it should be applied evenly to keep your glass looking great. This film is also tinted, in some cases, which can provide added UV protection for your home. Because this film can stay on your windows year-round, it offers a low-maintenance way to prepare for severe weather.

Consider combining all three of these window protection ideas to guard your home against storms. In the event that you do have a cracked or damaged window as the result of severe weather, contact your residential glass repair company to have the glass replaced. You may want to take that opportunity to install high-impact glass and get an estimate for replacing all the panes in your home. With a few changes to your windows, you can help to protect your home and your family during severe storms.

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