3 Tips For Keeping Your Home Windows Durable

Did you meet the goal of getting new windows installed in your house? If you spend a large amount of money on the windows to make sure that they are of a high quality, it is important to make sure that they are taken good care of so they will be durable. Basically, you must make sure that prompt repairs are made when it is necessary, as well as that the glass panes are cleaned in a professional manner. Neglecting to take care of your windows will also lead to your house losing curb appeal. This article has a few helpful tips in regards to making sure that your new home windows are properly taken care of.

1. Always Hire Professionals to Clean the Windows

Although it might not seem like cleaning the windows on your own can pose any problems, it is actually wise to leave the task to professionals. The reason why is because using the wrong type of products on the glass panes can lead to them getting scratched up. You would then end up with windows that might need to be replaced faster than you planned for. Professional windows cleaners will use commercial tools for removing dirt in a gentle manner. Paint can be removed from the glass panes without damage being caused as well.

2. Inspect the Frames Every Now & Then

A wise investment that you can make for your home windows is to get the frames inspected by a professional every now and then. If the frames are made of wood, the inspections should be more frequent. The reason why is because pests and outside elements can destroy wood faster than some of the other materials that frames are commonly constructed up. When it comes to pests, make sure the inspector looks for signs of termite and carpenter ant damage. If you don't make sure damaged frames are repaired soon enough, you can end up needing to get them rebuild, which can be costly.

3. Don't Leave Damaged Glass Panes Unrepaired

If any of the glass panes happens to get chipped, scratched, or cracked, it is in your best interest to get them repaired. Damage to the panes will only get worse if no repairs are made, as a small crack can quickly get larger. If you only notice scratches in the glass, a professional can likely buff them away and make the glass look new. However, large cracks in the glass might point to the panes needing to be replaced altogether. The best time to get your windows inspected is after severe storms, as it is easier for rocks and other debris to be thrown into the glass and cause damage. Make sure you schedule glass replacement right away if it's necessary.

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