What Kind Of Bathroom Will Work Well For Tenants?

There are many reasons to put a new bathroom in a home for tenants. Perhaps you added some bedrooms, and the ratio of bathrooms isn't standard. Or maybe you are splitting the home for multiple tenants and that necessitates adding another bathroom to accommodate everyone. Designing a bathroom for future tenants is a little bit different than designing one for yourself, so here are some tips to consider.

Try to Make Cleaning as Easy as Possible

WIth tenants, you can usually bet that they won't clean the space as meticulously as the owner would. So it helps to give them a little bit of slack by using laminated flooring that doesn't tend to stand or collect grime. Also consider the spacing of fixtures to walls and to each other; spaces that are hard to reach with a mop will likely be neglected.

Consider Water Efficiency

It's always a smart move to include the most efficient plumbing fixtures in your tenant space. You might be on the hook for paying the water bill, so your own bottom line will thank you. But, when you don't know the water conservation habits of your new tenants, you can certainly help out Mother Nature a little bit by having fixtures that don't use more water than what they really need to.

Disguise Bad Water Pressure

Especially when you are adding another bathroom to an existing space, you might find that the water pressure drops significantly. That is something to discuss with your plumber before you get started. You can always disguise the problem a little bit with aerated shower and faucet fixtures that disperse pressurized air along with the water.

Eliminate the Need for Tub Cleaning

Having a bathtub is a big responsibility. Tubs can get grimy quickly when no one's cleaning them. And there are plenty of landlord maintenance problems that can come up with a tub. For instance, you might be responsible for refinishing the tub. Or, you could have a leak and have the tub end up falling through rotted material on the floor. It's better to just avoid these issues when you can.

Instead, think about spending your money on glass shower doors that have an open-ended design. This is a stylish move that will help you bring in a higher rental rate, when done correctly. Adding whorled tiles, marble or another elegant surface to the lining of the shower enclosure and its flooring could be a great touch too. For more information, visit a website such as http://glasshopperaurora.com.

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