How To Secure Your Fine Watch Store From The Weather And Thieves

If you own a luxury watch store, then you appreciate the importance of making sure that everything is in order and that your store is protected. People can walk right in and strong arm you and make off with tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise. And it's not just dedicated thieves who you have to watch out for, it's the weather. If you have weak windows, you might have cracked and broken storefront glass during a storm. This is not so much of an issue with regards to people stealing watches due to broken windows (at night there will be a protective gate) but it's an issue with the watches being damaged. So, here are some things you can do to solve the solution:

Silent Alarm System

The first thing you need to install is a silent alarm system. This will let you ring for the police should someone, or some group, walk into your store and attempt a strong arm robbery. Have the security company set up multiple buttons underneath the counter so that your sales staff need not move in a quick rush towards the button if something should arrive. The silent alarm will be able to alert the police so that help will arrive.

Business Impact Windows

It can be very easy for someone to bust right through and steal a twenty thousand dollar watch. And you don't want to have to hide all of your watches away from the window so that smash and grab artists cannot get access to it. Part of the appeal of the store is the lure of having beautiful merchandise on display. A luxury watch store should have fine watches on display. Your inventory of Rolexes, Omegas, and Tag Heuer's should not have to be hidden away from sight. However, they need to be protected. You don't want to have someone walk by and take a hammer and smash through the window and steal your inventory. So, the solution is to go ahead and have business impact windows installed.  These will allow your watches to be on display and still protected.

Another factor to consider is that a storm at night could be dangerous to your inventory. If you have a grate, you could leave the watches on display since no one could break the glass and steal them, but the problem with normal glass is that is can break during a hurricane. So, even if a person could not reach in and steal the watches, the glass could shatter and fall down on the watches. This could be a disaster. The shards could scratch the watch bezels or crystal, and could also really ruin the leather bands. That might necessitate an enormous amount of work to repair. So, make sure that you choose storefront hurricane windows for your display window.

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