Are You Designing A Contemporary Master Bathroom?

Is your bedroom decorated in a contemporary style? If so, you might be designing a contemporary master bathroom, too. Whether you are planning a master bathroom for a brand new house, or whether you are remodeling your present bathroom, from selecting a glass shower enclosure to choosing the countertops, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive and practical master bathroom.

The Shower Enclosure - If you have a large space for your master bathroom, you more than likely have planned to have both a bathtub and a shower as part of the bathroom's design. If space is limited, perhaps you selected either only a shower or a bathtub/shower combination. Either way, consider choosing a glass enclosure. For example, if you have only a shower, think of selecting glass cubes to surround it. Not only are they gorgeous, but they will probably add pizzaz to the contemporary look you want.

If you have chosen a bathtub/shower combination, consider choosing sliding glass doors for the enclosure. What kind of hardware have you chosen for your sink faucet and the knobs on your cabinets? If you have chosen brass, consider selecting brass for the little handle on the sliding glass doors. If you have selected pewter or silver toned hardware, choose the same for your glass enclosure hardware. Whether you select glass cubes for a shower or whether you select a sliding glass door, either will be easy to maintain. Just use the same cleaners that you use for the windows in your house. 

The Countertops - Because you have decided to go with a contemporary look in your master bathroom, consider choosing something like simple black or stark white granite countertops. Granite is not only attractive, but it is also easy to maintain and will last for a very long time. Choose cabinetry that will complement the countertops. For example, if you selected white granite, consider choosing black for the color of the master bathroom's cabinetry.

If you selected black granite, think of going with white cabinets. When you choose things like your towels, consider selecting red or turquoise to add color to the design. To keep with the contemporary look you have chosen, select sleek accents, too. For example, choose simple metal or plastic frames for pictures of things like modern cities or for framed magazine pictures of the latest fashions. Framing snazzy sports cars will probably add interest to the contemporary master bathroom, too. 

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