Tips For Discouraging Graffiti On Your Building

If your store was covered in graffiti overnight, you're probably frustrated at the expense and labor it's going to take to clean your building. You may also worry if the vandals will just put the graffiti right back on and you'll face an ongoing problem with it. There are tactics for dealing with graffiti on a community level, but still, you want to do things on a personal level to protect your shop. Here are a few ideas.

Use Graffiti Film

One method that might thwart vandals is to remove the graffiti as soon as you find it. This might discourage the graffiti artist when finding work that took hours to complete is removed before very many people get to see it. The vandals may then move on to a different area where the art stays up longer. The question is how to be quick about removing it since graffiti is usually applied with paint. There are silicone coatings available that you apply like paint to the walls of your building. The coating keeps paint from sticking. Then, when you come to work and find graffiti, pull out your power washer and erase it. It's gone quickly with little work.

While that's great for exterior walls, glass is another situation. If you have windows or glass doors, you need another solution. Graffiti film could be the answer for dealing with graffiti on glass. This film can be applied to the exterior of your windows so the graffiti goes on the film and the glass is spared. While this might destroy the film, you won't have to replace the glass due to scratches, etching, or other damage. The film can be peeled off fast to get rid of the graffiti and new film applied for continuing protection.

Use Video Cameras And Good Lighting

Another thing that might deter vandals is to keep all sides of your store well-lit at night or use motion-detecting lights that shine on anyone coming close to the building. In addition, install good cameras that monitor the perimeter of your building so if graffiti artists strike, you'll have video of them and may even get a clear picture of their faces. Post signs you have video surveillance, and the vandals may choose a safer place to paint.

Keeping your windows lit and covering them in graffiti film might be enough to keep graffiti off of your property, but if it doesn't, the graffiti will be easy to remove from the glass when all you have to do is peel the film off. For more information, consult with companies like American  Glass Tint Inc.

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